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Art classes in a working artist's studio on a pay-as-you-go basis

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Six things that make London Art Classes different:

A flexible, pay-as-you-go basis
So easy to reach – a short journey from London Bridge
Classes are held in a famous artist’s working studio
Small groups with personal attention and a great atmosphere
Free use of all the painting and drawing materials you could dream of
Beginners to art are really welcome

We run drawing and painting classes every:

Saturday – 11am to 4pm – £50 (including lunch and use of all materials)

The class runs throughout the year; you can join at any time and pay as you go on the day.

Alternitively you can pay for 4 classes in advance and recieve your 5th class free. These act as credits rather than dates and can be used when you are able to attend.

There are three elements to all our classes:

One: Practical studio work

By far the most important part – your own artwork. Many students choose to keep work at the studio and create and develop their painting and drawing projects over time. The drawing and painting class is small so Nick has time to answer any specific question you might have. The classes are friendly and completely non-judgemental, so please don’t worry if you are new to art.

Two: Instruction in the basic techniques of painting and drawing

Each week there is instruction in one aspect of the techniques of painting and drawing; the art course covers ten topics which builds up to cover all the basics, with a certificate at the end (this is non-assessed).

Three: A slide show or short film on contemporary art

It’s exciting and fun to know what’s going on in the world of contemporary art, and it gives you confidence. London has some of the best art galleries in the world, so we look at current exhibitions to help you make the most of the art scene this great city has to offer. All this is done in a completely accessible way with no pretentious art jargon.

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